About Dolphin Morris

Dolphin is a men’s Cotswold Morris team. We practice on Thursday nights from September through to April at Kingston upon Soar village hall.  Then, from May to August, we can be found on Thursday evenings dancing at pubs around Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire.  We play our own music for  dancing and simply for enjoyment, sing and even perform a seasonal ‘Plough Play’ each new year. So why “Dolphin”, when Nottingham is so far from the sea?  We were named after the Dolphin Pub, the hostelry to which we retired after that first practice. The pub is now demolished but the pub sign is safely hoarded away in a secret location. We hope you find the website useful and maybe even interesting.  Want to come and see us perform? see the Events page.  Want to know more about the team and its history?  that’s here too.  Want to book us or think you might like to give morris dancing a try? get in touch via the Contact page. Regards Matt (YouTwitFace officer for the Dolphin Morris Men)

Website updates

Having got the new website up and running I am now trying to bring all the content over from the old website so you actually have something to read! I am gradually putting Andy Padmore’s seminal work “History of the Dolphin Morris Men” on our history page. I have only got as far as 1968 so far but rest assured I will get all the years on their eventually. Think of it a bit like an advent calendar, except its not a calendar and we are not in December yet… Enjoy

Current Events

The 2014 tours season has now finished, but if you would like to see what you missed have a look at this year’s Tours Leaflet. Please check back as we will post information about future events as it becomes available. You can also see information about Dolphin Morris events on the Who’s There website.

The Gallery

The Dolpin Morris Men have a large collection of photos you can view on Picasa. We also have collections of video and audio which we hope we can start to make available in the near future…